The Alan Turing Institute

Seeing further with data science

Reflect world-changing ambitions

As a newly formed national institute for data science, the first of its kind in the world, the Institute needed to define its brand and create an identity that would show how they were pushing boundaries.


Evoke the pioneering spirit of Turing himself

Alan Turing became synonymous with the contrary by looking at patterns in nature.  Likewise, the Institute prides itself on its combination of academic gravitas with innovative practices. We wanted to translate this blend of rigidity and flexibility in thinking to the new design, with a first layer of precise and ordered information that gives way to exciting, undefined and colourful imagery behind, to convey the robust yet visionary work being completed.

“Red&White really felt like a part of the Turing team throughout our brand strategy exercise, offering tireless enthusiasm and clarity at the busiest period of our start-up phase.”

Sophie McIvor
Head of Communications, The Alan Turing Institute