Labelling a passion

Bottle it up

Peter Polič, director of Slovenia’s P&P Group, bought a vineyard above Piran Bay so he could indulge his love of wine. Polič wanted a brand to capture the interesting nature of the wines he produced, the region, and most importantly, him.


Build colourful characters for a colourful character
We used the individual characters of Peter’s surname as the basis for the design. We studied the tasting notes for the various Polič wines and gave each flavour a colour, then used the letters of Polič on each label to reflect the wine. The versatility of the colours gives flexibility to differentiate and have fun with each new batch.

“It has always been my passion to make great Slovenian wine. Red&White’s final design is distinctive, and playful but still credible. It’s part of the Polič experience. It’s been a very strong asset for me when I talk about or sell my wines.”

Peter Polič
Founder and CEO, Polič wines