Pancreatic Cancer UK

Defying charity conventions

Stand out

Acting as a facilitator for the pancreatic cancer community, in a wide range of areas from lobbying to supporting sufferers, the charity wanted an identity that would define them as a leader and help them stand out in a crowded sector.


Keep it simple

We wanted to move away from the saturated world of charity logos and design an identity that would convey both authority and warmth. We created a simple yet memorable wordmark to act as a signpost across the spectrum of work they are involved in. We also retained the iconic purple, globally associated with the disease, but complemented it with a vibrant colour palette and consistent imagery, to build a recognisable and confident brand.

“Red&White pushed us to see ourselves more clearly. They created a brand which simultaneously expresses our caring spirit and our authority in the field. No small feat, and we’re delighted.”

Alex Ford
CEO, Pancreatic Cancer UK