Holland & Sherry

Updating a British great

Establish prestige
Established in 1836, Holland & Sherry exemplifies the skill and very finest quality in British wool fabric manufacturing. Traditionally, they had relied on the prestige of their service and product to drive awareness, but they wanted a brand which could speak directly to consumers (even though their audience is tailors) who wouldn’t always encounter them face to face.


Finesse to the fineness of cloth
We talked to Savile Row tailors who described Holland & Sherry as, “the Rolls Royce of cloth.” We quickly saw that the world’s finest cloth manufacturer needed a brand worthy of its reputation, which would build on their heritage whilst feeling contemporary. So we created a classic, beautiful, easy-to-use and timeless design that would make all their communications as elegant as their cloth.

“We liked working with Red&White: they were analytical in their approach and questions, they listened to our requirements, and nurtured us throughout the process.”

Lindsay Taylor
Group Sales Director, Holland & Sherry