Fit for any future

Time for change

BT is a world-leading technology business wanting to shake off perceptions of an old style utility. The company operates across a huge range of fields, from sports broadcasting to connecting global businesses; leading the way in cyber security innovation; creating products and services for homes and businesses; building and managing the UK’s digital network, and now also the UK’s largest mobile network operator. Their brand needed to be able to support their ambitions.


From the logo, to iconography, brand architecture, typography and photography, products, digital platforms and environments, each part of BT’s brand has been refreshed, updated and re-built so that every single element fits together as part of an easy to manage world class visual system. A confident, clear and simple brand identity with the flexibility to work for all parts of the business both now and in the future.


The new logo’s simplicity is its ultimate flexibility. It can be used in any context from boxing to business broadband. Colour palette, typography, illustration and photography are created to reflect the organisation’s values: Personal, Simple, Brilliant. The visual elements can all be used across every part of BT’s business – transforming a disparate, fragmented brand identity with many separate logos and sub brands, into a single, clear, recognisable, timeless brand. One BT.

Complexity to clarity

BT’s old brand identity was too complicated, it was put together for a largely pre-digital world, where the internet was in its infancy, smart phones and tablets didn’t exist, and most of their brand touch points were in print. The identity was difficult to manage and became increasingly fractured as the business expanded into different markets and technologies. The fragmented brand architecture became a mirror of an organisation facing in many different directions.


The revised architecture echoes the ambitions of the organisation. Creating a single BT brand master brand, with clearly defined sub-brands, and clear principles for naming both products and businesses within the group.


The BT Sport on air identity was given an overhaul in collaboration with BT creative, bringing the overarching brand identity principles to life in a sports context through commissioned photography celebrating the fans point of view, and further refined typography, created by BT Creative and renowned type design studio Dalton Maag.

Education not Instruction

As well as a refreshed set of brand elements, we have worked with the in-house digital team to create a new brand portal, Brand Central. The entire site is educational not instructional, using short videos to introduce and explain each element of the new brand identity. The navigation is simple and understandable: no jargon, no waffle, just a clearly laid out set of design principles. It’s not just about the agencies working with the brand; everyone who works at BT should understand how and when to use their brand too.