Red&White have been working with The Alan Turing Institute to define the brand strategy and identity for the newly-formed national institute for data science.


Since winning the pitch for the brand strategy and design project in June, Red&White have collaborated with some of the UK’s leading mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists to reflect the world-changing ambitions of the Institute.


Red&White’s Design Director, Nima Falatoori, led the design team and worked closely alongside Strategy Director, Alanna Clear, and the Turing’s Head of Communications, Sophie McIvor.


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The concept of the identity combines The Alan Turing Institute’s academic gravitas with the pioneering nature of the research it is conducting. The design system uses the guiding principles of the Fibonacci sequence to create a clear framework, and the font is Haas Unica. The gravitas of the front layer of information gives way to the explosive and inspiring imagery behind, conveying the visionary nature of the work the Institute is doing in the emerging field of data science.


“Working with The Alan Turing Institute was fascinating for us as a team, as well as supremely challenging. Nothing like this institute has existed before, and their ambition to succeed in the fledgling field of data science is without boundaries. The main challenge for the brand was its wide range of audiences: they need to talk in detail to the world of academia and data science researchers on the one hand, yet be able to inspire and engage the general public on the other, with government and industry somewhere in between.


“Our solution was to create a flexible yet identifiable system based on their pioneering spirit. When talking to them we found this spirit to be very infectious and so we used that as the basis of our design and communication systems to hold everything together,” Nima said.


The Alan Turing Institute opens its doors at the British Library to its first term of researchers this week.


20 February 2017

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