Ambition is considered to be the engine that drives people to do great things. It pushes to be the best. And, by doing this, it creates new and more challenging goals.


Ambition is also a key word for The Alan Turing Institute. In fact through collaboration and significant new partnerships, the Institute’s grandest aim is to change the world for the better.


It is the scale of such ambition that has driven the design for this year’s annual report. The photography captures the pioneering nature of the Institute and its strong collaborative spirit. The injection of colour signifies the energy that springs out from this new science, while bold and confident typography celebrates the Institute’s remarkable achievements and announces the Institute’s future challenges and objectives.


From my perspective, being responsible for the design of The Alan Turing Institute annual report has been a truly challenging task. In fact it didn’t just involve making beautiful layouts and crafting typography, but also managing all the other necessary parts that constitutes a project and make it happen.


As a designer, you tend to forget about all the small bits that need planning and organisation. In the past I have always seen things like briefing  photographers, managing printers and dealing with clients happening quite far from my desk. Despite this distance being quite comforting, it keeps you in a small secure ‘room’, where you are away from making mistakes, and stops you from learning fundamental parts of your job as a graphic designer.


Over the last year at Red&White, and in particular while working on the annual report for The Alan Turing Institute, I’ve learnt the importance of being fully immersed in the project — managing and supervising all the elements involved. This has given me a deep sense of responsibility and awareness that has in turn helped me in overcoming my fear of making mistakes.


I’ve also learnt that specific instructions to printers are never enough; that those objects you really wanted to get photographed can break during the photoshoot, and that designers need to guide clients through the whole process step by step. During the day I spent at PurePrint to oversee the print of the annual report proofs I also had the chance to see first-hand the printing process and the many massive complicated machines involved.


Definitely ambition is what has guided me throughout this project. The ambition of being a better designer, to learn more, and get finally away from that small room.


02 August 2017

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